(Declan & Kylan)

Ever heard, “trash in, trash out?” It’s an easy way of saying that what we see and take in affects our whole being. Our mind, spirit and heart. Manifesting itself in our lives. Trash in, trash out!

We’re Always Consuming.

And what we consume makes a huge difference in our lives. I understand now, as a parent myself, why my parents restricted what movies I watched as a kid. What we take in can really hurt us. Or help us. The choice is ours.

The world is constantly telling us what we should believe, follow, invest in, trust, etc. Everyone has an agenda. They want us to buy their product. Vote for their candidate. Watch their movie.

But much of what is being thrown our way is trash. And it’s negative. I knew when my first son, Declan, was born that I wanted to speak positivity, hope, life and love into his life. Whenever I could. One of the ways I do this is incorporated into their bedtime routine. (I now do this with all three: Declan, Kylan and Soul). I tell my kids three things every night as I tuck them into bed.

The Three Things

This is how it goes down. I lovingly wrap my hands around their noggens. To draw them in close. I want them to feel me. I want them to feel the power of these truths. And then I boldly proclaim to each one of them. Declan, Kylan and Soul, individually…

  1. You are a mighty warrior for Jesus!
  2. God has great plans for you!
  3. I’m so proud to be your daddy!

They Are His

I believe these. With all of me. They’re truths I hope and pray sink deep into their heart. Truths, that when (not if) they encounter hardship, they’ll know from the depths of their souls that they were created with great purpose. That they have what it takes. That I’ll always be there daddy. But most importantly, that their Heavenly Father is walking every step with them. And in them. Ultimately, they are His, not ours. He’s just given Daphne and I the great privilege and honor of raising them.

But this is a lesson for all of us. We would do ourselves a great service if we rooted out the trash in our lives. If we turned the effort we exerted to speak, think and be negative. Into speaking, thinking and focusing on the positive. Let’s soak up the good news more often. Turn the fear and agenda pushing media off. Let’s use words to lift up, instead of tear down.

More, “good in, good out,” is needed in our lives. In this world!

“Death and life are in the power of the tongue.”

Philippians 4:8 ESV

Be bold. Be brave. Keep the faith!


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