A Weekend With Wells combines my favorite things in the world — sharing my life, passion for soccer and love for Jesus! It’s pretty much what it sounds like. Aspiring soccer players from anywhere in the country can come kick it for a weekend with yours truly. And I promise you, it’ll be an incredible experience, and one that I believe will have a lasting impact.

A unique “game plan” will be created for each player along with my three musts:
1. Love God
2. Love people
3. Work HARD and SMART to get better at soccer

We’ll be training three times a day. Some sessions will be on the field with a ball and some will be with my personal trainer who will put the both of us through some unconventional and painful sessions. Oh yea, we’ll both be hurting!

You’ll be my shadow the whole time you’re here! In addition to the physical training for this life, we’ll also be doing the most important kind of training, training for eternity!

You’ll meet my family, eat supper and meals with us, go to Bible study with me if I have study those days and hang around the Carolina RailHawks’ facilities.

Remember, I personally put each program together to tailor fit your desires.

Can’t wait to meet ya!

My time and experience with Wells was incredible, inspiring, and life changing. He taught me not only what it takes to be a soccer player but more importantly, he taught me what it’s like to be a follower of Jesus Christ. The love and advice he bestowed on me is unforgettable, and we got down to the nitty gritty lifestyle of what it’s like to be a soccer player. Now, whether you are a player or parent reading this, know this — Wells is an amazing person and will give you an experience you’ll never be able to forget!

– Weston DeShon, 16-year-old soccer player


  1. We will work our fannies off!
  2. We will encourage each other to live for and love Jesus!
  3. We will love each other and everybody else really, really dawgon well!
  4. We are family in Jesus (Hallelujah)! What’s mine is yours.
  5. We will joy in the LORD, rock out, act like goofs and have a ton of fun!
  6. We will simply do life together!


3 days:         $500 / day + travel expenses and meals