Seriously, you did that again? How come you never get it right? You always screw it up! You’re a screw-up! You’re a nobody who will never amount to anything. Everybody thinks you’re a dumb-dumb (and I’m not talkin about the lollipop). Soccer’s the only thing you’re kinda good at, and you ain’t even that good. You’re a bust. What will you do after soccer? Oh, I know. You’ll probably be forced to be a stay-at-home dad because your wife has all the brains and it’ll be impossible for you to find a job outside of soccer.

Maybe I should just start this blog over. What does it matter…no one’s going to read it anyways? Man you suck at writing. You’re a bad example for Christ. You should be ashamed of yourself. And you call yourself a Christian. Pshhhttt! Your nose is huge. Your head sits too far forward. You’re such a weirdo. Grow up. Shut up. Sit down. And don’t speak out. You, my friend, are such an idiot!

These are REAL thoughts.

They run rampant in my head, all too often. I mean seriously, I wish I could just turn my brain off sometimes. It won’t shut up. Steven Furtick calls it the Chatterbox. It’s that incessant voice that softly whispers into all that you do. And no matter what the varying thought may be, the underlying message is always the same…”You’re a loser. You’re a loser. You’re a loser.”

It’s like a slow drip.

My good buddy Austen King equates it to a slow drip. Its effects are unnoticeable at first, but over time, they can turn into a flood that takes over your life. It can throw you into a deep, dark pit of depression. Believe me…I know because I’ve been there. The slow drip does nothing but robs you of your joy and keeps you from reaching your dreams. It paralyzes you emotionally and spiritually and hinders you from becoming all God has created you to be. It convinces you that you must prove yourself to be worth anything. It says you always have to work harder, do more, achieve greater success or accumulate more wealth, friends and worldly possessions. More, more, more. Bigger, better, faster, smarter, stronger. It says no matter what, you’re a failure. You’re never good enough. And you won’t measure up so stop trying.

But guess what? It’s all a lie.

The Chatterbox is the Devil trying to sabotage you in every way it can. If he can convince you that you suck, he keeps you from ever being the full picture of who God created you to be. Ever repented and felt that maybe you should do it again? “I don’t know, maybe God didn’t hear you the first time,” you tell yourself.

But why is it that we feel our repentance isn’t good enough the first go around? God only needs to hear it once. The shame, confusion and doubt come from Satan. He wants us to misunderstand who God is and how he operates. That’s why the Apostle Paul, the worst sinner in the world (1 Timothy 1:15), warns us to, “Watch out for your great enemy, the devil. He prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour.” He ain’t called the Great Accuser (Revelation 12:10), the Destroyer (Revelation 9:11), the Evil One (1 John 5:19), a murderer and liar (John 8:44), the Tempter (Matthew 4:3) and our enemy (1 Peter 5:8) for nothing.

He’s been defeated.

The Devil is certainly at work. But he has most assuredly been defeated. Christian, you have a target on your back and it’s as real as day. The devil wants to claim you as his. Remind him Who’s won. Remind Him that Jesus reigns and is alive. And that, above all, He’s coming back. The devil will cower at the name of Jesus. He puts his tail between his legs and skedaddles off like the filthy, rotten, no-good, cowardly animal that he is. (I don’t really think Satan has a tail).

“Resist him, standing firm in the faith” (1 Peter 5:8).

Our faith is a journey. Our walk is a battle. We will battle until the day we die to keep Jesus at the center of our lives. And this is how we battle. We cling to Jesus. We trust His Word. We eagerly wait for His return (Philippians 1:10). We put on Christ’s armor (Ephesians 6:10-18). In my head, it goes something like this; “Suck it Satan. You ain’t nothing punk. Jesus owns your arse. Jesus says I am righteous and free and loved. So get gone in His inexplicably glorious name!”

Did you know that we have somewhere close to 50,000 thoughts per day? (Check out more of my thoughts at Wells Thompson Soccer and Sign up for my super-duper updates too). That’s a lot. What are you telling yourself? What thoughts are you entertaining? We must STOP telling ourselves we suck. We must STOP telling others they suck. Christ is coming yall! Don’t lose hope. And “don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then we will learn to know God’s will” (Romans 12:2).

One of the biggest battles we all face is in our mind. When Satan is trying to bring you down and you start to beat yourself up, question your purpose, value or significance, think of Jesus outstretched on that rugged cross and remind the devil that you belong to a mighty God. Victory is mine and He who is in me is GREATER than all (1 John 4:4)!


By Wells Thompson