‘Retiring’ from professional sports has been extremely challenging for me personally. And I’ve discovered that most athletes struggle with this transition.

So, good buddies of mine, Jonathan Van Horn, Michael Lahoud and I are turning pain into purpose. Enter, The SHIFT Podcast. 

The SHIFT Podcast is a platform that will give athletes the opportunity to share their stories.

JOIN US as we get the opportunity and privilege to share the stories of incredibly talented athletes, and all-around amazing human beings. Stories of HOPE. Stories of REDEMPTION! Stories of DREAMS COMING TRUE! No doubt, their stories will encourage, inspire and lift you up! 

We hope the podcast encourages, challenges, and spurs you on toward growth and success in all aspects of your life! ENJOY!

Wells and Jonathan


Episode #7:
Othello ‘OT’ Johnson

Liberian Civil War Survivor, Refugee, Wrestler, UNCP Head Coach

Episode #6:
Natalie Allport

Lifelong Entrepreneur, Former National Team Snowboarder, Founder of 93 Agency, and creator of the ALL IN Podcast.

Episode #5:
Ben King

Pro Cyclist, The Tour de France, Getting “His Face Smashed In,” Resilience and Perseverance, Soon to be Father

Episode #4:
Michael Lahoud

Pro Soccer Player, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, The Power of Our Stories

Episode #3:
Michael Chabala

MLS Champion, Entrepreneur, Founder of Sphere, Challenge: “Know yourself and pay attention!”

Episode #2:
Amobi Okugo

Power of Relationships, Founder of A Frugal Athlete Network, Pro Soccer Player.

Episode #1:
Wells Thompson

Kidnapped, MLS Draftee, Professional Athlete and Life After Playing.


  • The Journey = The Destination
    Having goals and going after our goals is a really awesome and powerful thing. So make them and go after them! But, although it’s hard, we mustn’t get so focused on
  • Relationships > To-Do Lists
    I have this desire deep inside to do big and great things for Jesus. A great desire, no doubt. But yesterday it hit me why I so often miss these opportunities.
  • The Best In The Country
    As a dad myself, so much of my focus these days is on or around my three young and rambunctious boys (the pic below says it all). What they’re doing and
  • Chase Your Dreams!
    I’ve felt the LORD leading me for some time now to start chasing a new DREAM. And I knew the first step was to leave my job. The one that provided
  • The Wake Forest University Sports Hall of Fame Speech That Changed My Life
    It was an awesome reunion this past weekend celebrating WFU’s Sports Hall-of-Fame inductees Marcus Tracy and Michael Parkhurst, former teammates and incredible men. (As well as the other inductees Michele Kasold,
  • 2020, Bring It On!
    HAPPY NEW YEAR!  2019 is history! At the end of every year, it’s always hard believing another year has come and gone. I’m not sure what this past year entailed for
  • Really… What Is Faith?
    What is faith? And what does it really look like? This is a question I’ve been wrestling with lately. As a Christian, we hear this word all the time. It’s pretty
    I’m Dreaming Again! Heads up y’all. This blog’s a little different from my typical ones because I’m asking for your help. God’s given me a clear vision. A new dream! It’s
  • Lessons From The Wilderness
    I recently spent a week with my beautiful wife and amazing Sister-in-law in Wyoming. We spent three days and four nights hiking, camping and exploring the Grand Tetons in the Jedidiah
  • Be Known More For What You’re For
    Do you watch the news? I don’t. Too negative. Yeah, maybe I should to be more informed about current events and what’s going on. But it’s so negative. Have you ever

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