Do you ever wish we could go back to a simpler time?

I’m talking like horses instead of cars. I do. Sometimes I wish we could get rid of all our cell phones and computers. Holy cow they just suck the pizzaz right out of me sometimes (I’m not really sure what pizzazz is either).

Really, I’m just tired of my phone running my life. And I’m really tired of social media.

I’m social media SICK!

In a world saturated with selfies, followers, friends, likes and retweets, it’s really easy to become self-absorbed. Heck, it’s easy without all that stuff. But social media sure does add to it. Posting pics of ourselves. Buying selfie sticks so we can take selfies of ourselves. Tweeting about ourselves. Snap chatting, Googling, You-tubing, Instagramming about ourselves. Facebooking about ourselves. And on and on it goes.

I’m sick of posting stuff about myself. Does anybody else feel that way? I have this feeling all the time. I’m sick of social media taking so much of my time. I’m just like some of you though. I run my own business. I’m my own brand. Come to think of it, we’re all our own brand. It’s kind of like being a leader. Whether you realize it or not, you’re a leader. Yeah you. That’s right. No matter how many friends or followers, re-tweets or even likes you have or get, you’re a leader. You influence people. All the time.

Absolutely, it’s necessary and appropriate to post and promote you within context.

There’s nothing wrong with believing in yourself and in what you have to offer. It’s called marketing. (By the way, you have so much to offer! We all do). But we mustn’t become consumed with ourselves. I struggle with this. No doubt. I’m a selfish punk. Let me repeat that. I’m a dumb-dumb. But check this. I’m a dumb-dumb loved and made righteous by King Jesus. And that’s where my identity and confidence lies.

So how do we fight this temptation to make everything about “me?”

Here’s a way: get rid of all social media. That’s right. Social media’s the devil and I ain’t scared to say it. Social media can suck the life out of us. But, at the same time, it can be an unbelievable source for good. It’s like most things in life, it’s a heart issue. So, how do you use your platform? How are you influencing those that follow you? Would you say that you’re a source that brings light, life and love to others? Or are you too busy belittling, hating and complaining? You have a choice. We all have a choice.

Here’s another way: make everything about others. For real though, one simple way to fight the constant battle of selfishness and selfies is to lift others up. Use your life for something greater. Others. Use your life for the greatest. Jesus! Shed light on the good others are doing. Have friends who pour their heart and souls into work and never get any credit for it? Now’s the time. And it’s not about people getting credit. It’s about us getting the focus off ourselves and lifting others up instead.

Here’s a challenge.

Think of ways to encourage and lift others up this week. Over 50 and don’t know how to use social media? That’s okay, write a letter or get real old fashioned and pick up the phone. Prayer is another phenomenal way. Spend more time praying for others.

Of course it’s my heart’s desire  to practice what I preach. And there’s no better time to start than NOW! So…

Here are five incredible brands that I love and want to spotlight. You gotta check em out!

  • HE>I (HE is greater than i) is a lifestyle company / clothing brand based off of one of my favorite Bible verses, John 3:30 – “He (Jesus) must increase that I must decrease.” Operating out of the small town of Hale’iwa on the North Shore of O’ahu, Hawaii, their primary purpose is to produce quality clothing and accessories that encourage, inspire and share the good news of our savior, Jesus. ROCK ON!
  • Agape Attire is another cool clothing brand. Their gear is legit and they do it all for King Jesus. If you’re a Christian and don’t have any Christian swag, you gotta got get some (even though Jesus don’t care). If you’re anything like me and love supporting companies that lift high the name of Jesus, spice up your wardrobe and grab some of their gear.
  • Judah Smith is the pastor at The City Church in Seattle, WA. I’ve been listening to him lots lately, and no question, God is using him to speak to me in mighty ways. I like his style. He’s goofy (which reminds me of myself). But most of all, his passion and love for Jesus inspire me tremendously!
  • Audrey Eggars Thompson is my incredibly funny, sweet and off-the-wall crazy sister-in-law. She just wrote her first children’s book, Bug In My Brain, and it’s spectacular. You and your kids will absolutely love her charming and cleverly rhyming stories about a little girl named Gigi, so check them out!
  • Angel Oak Creative is an agency founded by my other awesome and loving sister-in-law, Caitlin Clinard. (If you’ve been reading my blogs at all, you should know who this gal is by now – she’s my wife’s twin – you know…the one we live with.) AOC specializes in marketing for nonprofits, B Corps and social enterprises all over NC. Caitlin graciously hired me a couple of weeks ago for some part time work and it’s been such a blessing to get a real understanding of the work they’re doing! It’s real Kingdom work and that’s what it’s all about fo sho! If you’re a nonprofit in North Carolina and need some marketing help, AOC’s where it’s at.

How can you focus on lifting others up this week? Try it. Something. Anything. It’ll do your soul more good than you know!

And finally, know this, the only like you’ll ever need has already been PURCHASED for you by none other than King Jesus!

Keep ROCKin’,

By Wells Thompson

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