I have this desire deep inside to do big and great things for Jesus. A great desire, no doubt. But yesterday it hit me why I so often miss these opportunities.

In one word, it’s PERSPECTIVE! My view of what is big and great is skewed.

A childhood friend of mine called me a couple days ago. He often needs someone to talk to, and I’m glad that he continues to reach out.

When he called, I was diligently working toward the close of my first business acquisition (still a ways to go, but hopefully getting close).

It wasn’t the best time.

But thankfully, I picked up. I always feel loved and so blessed hearing his voice.

During our conversation, I felt His “still, small voice” whispering, “what you are doing right now Wells, is big and great in My eyes!”

Talk about convicted.

What Jesus calls us to, all of it, is big and great. In the Kingdom of God, big and great parallel small and ordinary.

Having phone conversations, loving others, and prioritizing relationships at the expense of being productive or completing a task on our never-ending to-do list, are big and great things.

As life, work, and the world pull for our attention and hearts, I pray that He continues to remind and convict us of this! 

Relationships > To-Do Lists

Be bold. Be brave. Keep the FAITH!


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