Our methodology is simple. Build into a player, and his game will improve. Why? Because confidence and freedom are at the core of performance.

Coaching is a calling. For me, coaching isn’t about the number of wins or how high a team is ranked. And it’s definitely not about the paycheck that comes at the end of the month. It’s about impacting kids’ lives through love and encouragement.

To me, coaching is about being a positive influence and helping kids realize their full God-given potential. It’s about customizing each session around the specific need of each player, which believe it or not, might not include playing one bit of soccer for a time or two. If we need to spend an entire session building into a kid’s self-esteem, we’re going to do just that.

WTS isn’t about coaching a sport. It’s about coaching a kid. Sure, as pro athletes, we’ve been around the block a time or two, so we know our stuff. Yes, we’ll help your kids improve their skills on the field, and yes, we’ll teach them the strategies behind the game.

But a tremendous amount of focus will be placed on establishing a connection with every kid, no matter what it takes. Without a personal connection, there is nothing to gain. We strive to help unleash your kid’s potential, both on and off the field. Because to us, it’s not about the skills your kid currently has. It’s about who and what your kid can become and how we teach him (or her) to get there.

“Thomas had an awesome indoor game – he played so well and had so much fun!  We are so thankful he has you as a role model; you are such an inspiration to him, thank you!”

– Jen Hogshead


* Each session is 60 minutes
* $5 per session / per child will be donated to the WTS Joy Fund


  • 1 session:         $100
  • 5 sessions:       $450
  • 10 sessions:    $925


  • 1 session:         $80
  • 5 sessions:       $375
  • 10 sessions:    $700


  • 1 session:         $70
  • 5 sessions:       $300
  • 10 sessions:    $550