our feet

We were fending for ourselves.

Last week my wife was working late so it was just my main man Declan and me. It was an unusual day for Declan in that his nap schedule had been screwed up somehow.(Don’t you put that on me, I am surely not to blame). All you parents know how this can lead to disaster. Like call in reinforcements disaster. Like I’m about to pull out my hair disaster. But thank God this wasn’t one of those times.

I had just stripped Declan buck naked to change his diaper.

I tell you what, there’s just something about a naked baby. Something so stinkin’ pure and sweet. It screams freedom. At least to me it does. Babies are totally cool being naked. In front of anyone and everyone. It makes me think of our dear ancestors Adam and Eve before the fall. Welp, they sure screwed that up for all of us! Now we have to wear clothes. BUMMER!

With some struggle on my end and some moaning and groaning on Declan’s end, I successfully got his diaper and jammies on. He loves to make this process as difficult as possible. You can’t blame him for it. Really he just wanted to wear his birthday suit.

I was in the process of getting Declan ready for bed but he had other ideas.

I switched the baby channel on the TV real quick so I could help pack. It’s funny, before I had kids, I use to tell my brother all the time, who had a little girl, how horrible and downright evil TV is. TV’s the devil. You didn’t know that? I swore my kids would never watch TV. I read all the books. What can I say, I draw a hard line. I knew if Declan watched too much TV his brain would melt. But now as a parent, I’ve changed. Melt away brain. (While Declan watches TV, which he seldom does, it’s kinda cool to actually picture his brain melting). Don’t you dare judge me!

I was packing because for some reason my wife was leaving town in the morning. After I threw some things together for her (because I’m a good husband), I came back to the living room where Declan was. And there he was, intently  as ever. He was fixated, completely enthralled by the TV, probably watching Curious George.

It was one of those special moments that come too far and few between.

Time seemed to stop. Every worry faded. Peace and joy flooded my every being. Jesus was speaking to me. The Holy Spirit was moving fiercely within me. I sat down on the leather ottoman right behind him and just stared at him. And stared at him. Jesus was drawing me back to what really mattered in life. He was teaching me. He was loving me. It was such a sweet moment.

It made me think of God watching over us like a proud daddy.

Just like I don’t think Declan was really aware of my presence at the time, I think we are hardly aware of God’s presence as we go to and fro frantically through our days. He’s always there (Joshua 1:9). He’s with us and in us and kicking butt for us (Galatians 2:20). He watches over us (Psalm 121:5). He delights in us (Psalm 149:4). He loves us with an everlasting love (Jeremiah 31:3). And one day, (oh my goodness) one sweet day, we will fully comprehend this love. But for now, I pray, that God will make all of us more aware of His presence. Because He yall, is peace and joy and love! Because He yall, “is the God who made the world and everything in it. Since He is the Lord of heaven and earth, He doesn’t live in man-made temples, and human hands can’t serve His needs-for He has no needs. He himself gives life and breath to everything, and He satisfies every need” (Acts 17:24-25).


By Wells Thompson

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