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Life’s freakin’ crazy. Doesn’t it always feel like you’re playing catch up? It does for me. There’s so much to do. And never enough time. It just keeps piling up. And on! It’s easy to get caught in the whirlwind of life, living re-actively, instead of proactively. We aren’t in control of much. But what we are in control of, we need to do a much better job of effectively and efficiently attacking.

If you’re a regular reader, you’ve heard me talk about the power of focus. It can’t be understated. What you focus on is where you’ll go. It’s important we take regular inventory of our lives. “Where am I headed with my life?” “Where do I want to go?” “What do I need to be doing in order to get where I want?” These are all great questions to consistently ask ourselves.

Life Focus.

As a follower of Jesus, one of my focuses every year, sounds too obvious, is to actually follow Jesus. He’s my Lord and Savior. Knowing Him and honoring Him is my life mission. So, each year, He should be my main focus. I try to make Him that. Is He? Like I said, I try. And pray He will be. But, usually He’s not. But I don’t stop trying.

I also come up with two other themes/focuses for the year.

For 2019, here’s what I’ll focus on…

  1. I will ask for help when I truly need it.
  2. I will be decisive and take action.

Why These?

I’m a prideful man and I don’t particularly like asking for help… with most people. It can be a weakness of mine. I don’t want to bother people. I make up a million reasons why I shouldn’t ask others for help. On the flip side, with those closest to me, I ask for help too much. Out of laziness. To find an easy way out. A bunch of reasons. So, this year, I’m challenging myself to ask for help. But only when I truly need it.


Praise God we have options. They’re a great thing. But options can also complicate our lives. And make decisions harder. I waste too much time, brain power, and energy trying to make decisions. I need to be more decisive in order to save these precious resources. Praying over decisions, get others opinion, assessing situations and doing your due diligence is not a bad thing. Don’t misunderstand me. They can be a great thing. But not for every decision. This year, I’m challenging myself to make quicker decisions.

It’s A Big List.

There are a million things I need to work on. But these are two that I’m committing to focus on in 2019. If I do, I’ll get more done. Reduce stress and anxiety. Create room for more joy and freedom! Have better relationships. And ultimately become more and more the man God created me to be!

I know this blog could be better. But I’m done. And this right here is a perfect opportunity for me me to be decisive. And to act!

What will you focus on and attack in 2019?

Be bold. Be brave. Keep the faith!


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