Soul River Thompson:

We welcomed Soul River Thompson into the world this weekend! My wife, Daphne, was a champ! It was our third child. All boys! Even our golden retriever Spirit’s a boy. Praise God everything went well! Mommy and Soul are doing great!

After our easiest delivery of the three, Brenda, our head nurse, was getting us situated in our new room at the hospital. We were chit-chatting. She was super sweet. Daphne mentioned something about how this was our third, but it felt like our first. “It’s almost like God allows us to forget so that we aren’t discouraged from having other kids,” Brenda responded.

Daphne’s very thankful we’re able to have kids biologically. She really is. She understands not all are afforded this privilege. We have many friends who struggle with this. But if she’s being real (and we all want real) she didn’t like being pregnant. She was uncomfortable. And tired. And so much more. I don’t blame her one bit.

The whole having a baby thing can be a lot of things. It’s intense. Scary and painful! But, God willing, at the end of it you have this beautiful, tiny, human being. The joy of this miracle far outweighs any pain and discomfort. In the end, it’s all worth it!

The Greatest Gift:

It seems as though all good things come from some form of pain, discomfort or struggle. It reminds me of Jesus! He was tortured and brutalized beyond belief. To give His life for us. You and me. So that we could have a relationship with Him. There’s no redemption, healing, or righteousness before God without the blood of Jesus! His struggle was for our blessing! Thank you Jesus!

He loves you so much that He shed His blood for you!

Never forget it!

Keep the faith,


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