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Have you ever met Jesus in a bathroom in Las Vegas? I just did. No joke. 

Here’s how it went down. 

I was in Las Vegas representing my awesome company for the annual RVDA Convention. It was my second time in Vegas. It was cool. But if you know me you know Vegas ain’t exactly my scene. The convention was being held in Bally’s. A ginormous hotel filled with casinos, shops and restaurants. Basically a crap ton of people, loud noises and bright lights. 

During the second day, I had to use the bathroom. So I went. After zipping up I headed to wash up. And there he was… Jesus. It was like he was invisible. Nobody said anything to him. He just kept his head down. Minded his own business. 

The rules we live by.

You see, we all have rules we live by. Stated and unstated. Conscious and unconscious. Essentially, it’s our beliefs. Either way, they play an integral part in everything we do. What we watch. What we say. How we act. How we treat others. And so on. Think about it.

As a young man, with a growing family, I yearn to lead my family well. An honor and responsibility that Jesus has given to all men. So I came up with a set of rules. Rules that my wife and I can look to for guidance. Simple reminders we can encourage our kids with.

One of the Thompson Family Rules is… ‘SEE THE UNSEEN!’

Back to the story…

No, he wasn’t technically the Jesus with holes in His hands. Jesus, revealing his name by his name tag, was a Custodian for Bally’s. He was cleaning the restroom when our paths crossed. He was from Cuba. Had a family. Loved Vegas. And has been the custodian at Bally’s for over 30 years. I asked him if he knew THE JESUS. And he lit up like a Christmas tree. “Oh yes, I love Jesus,” he joyfully responded. Told me how he and his daughters play in the Church choir. We must have talked in that bathroom for at least 10 minutes. Although people were shuffling in and out, we didn’t notice them. We were family meeting for the first time. It made my day. And I had a feeling it made his too. As I left, I told him what I tell most Christians I’m meeting for the first time; “Jesus, if I don’t see you again on this earth, I’ll see you again in Heaven. Where we’ll be together forever!” 

Become a NOTICER!

Too many people go through their day unnoticed. It’s horrible.We must change this. And we can. Each of us can. Who can you notice? The homeless man? The gas station attendant? A family member? It’s one of the easiest and greatest gifts you can give someone. Here’s to SEEING THE UNSEEN! Just like Jesus!

Be bold. Be brave. Keep the faith,


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