Can I Bless You?(Photo by Bianca Isofache on Unsplash)

Since retiring from professional soccer several years ago, it’s been difficult to stay involved in the game. Three kids and a “real world” job will do that to you. It’s also been hard to stay in touch with those I’ve established relationships with during that time. As my pro days fade farther away, the opportunities to use that specific platform are harder to come by. I have to work harder to find them. So I’ve been doing some thinking. 

I Have An Idea 💡…

Do you have a son/daughter, niece/nephew, or friend who needs some encouragement? I’d love to write and encourage them! With Christmas approaching fast, I thought this would be the perfect time to offer. And it would bless me tremendously as well!

Let Me Know.

Have someone in mind. Awesome! Hit reply, shoot me their name, address and anything you’d like to fill me in on. If no one comes to mind, no sweat. Maybe they will later on. If they do, please remember me and gimme a shout then. Mean it!


Be bold. Be brave. Keep the faith,


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