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Growing up I thought that in order to be a Christian missionary I had to travel to Africa or someplace far away from home. But now I understand that as followers of Jesus we are ALL missionaries. We are missionaries in our homes, our neighborhoods, jobs, gyms, etc. Wherever we are, we are missionaries there.

The Joy Fund on the local level will focus on the things where God has currently placed me. In Raleigh. On the RailHawks. On Lewis Farm Rd. With my son. Through my training. And the list goes on. God always wanted to use us and is always working in our lives. As I live, I pray that God shows me how I can give back, love on and encourage those around me!


WakeMed Hospital Visits:

As part of the Carolina RailHawks community outreach, several guys from the team go to WakeMed Hosptital to visit kids about every other month. This is one of my favorite things to do. Usually about four guys go at a time. We go from room to room and essentially just try to bring a smile to the kids and their family’s faces. I don’t know who gets more joy out of it, but I bet that it’s us players. I know one things for sure: I always leave more grateful for what I have, thankful for who and what Jesus has given me, and more determined to pour my life out for others.

Here are some pics from our recent visits:


Hopsital Visit