Wooden goal

On December 2, 2014, two coaches, 14 players and two cameramen began traveling from all over the United States and Canada to converge in Brazzaville, Congo. There we teamed up with the Cuthbert family who had recently moved to the Congo one month prior to our arrival as full-time missionaries for Ambassadors Football. We were part of Ambassador Football’s official soccer ministry launch in the Congo.

Soccer is a universal language. The ball was our method of communicating and provided an immediate bond between us. It still amazes me how God can literally use anything, even the game of soccer, to open doors and unite nations while bringing Himself glory and honor! Because of the initial draw of soccer, we had the opportunity and the privilege of planting seeds of truth to hundreds of youth who’d never really heard about Jesus.

It’s crazy and awesome that we could connect with these kids immediately because of a soccer ball. God’s Spirit moves so passionately to open eyes and hearts. Jesus said, “The Spirit of truth will come and guide you into the truth” (John 16:13). It was incredibly powerful to experience Jesus call His kids home during this time!