full house

By Caitlin Clinard (My sister-in-law)

Disclaimer: This isn’t really anyone’s business but it went public last week. It’s my opinion that the informant crossed the line, so I’ve decided to tell my side of the story. It takes two to tango.

I married my brother-in-law, Wells Thompson, and believe it or not, my sister, Daphne, still speaks to us. We’ve even managed to stay best friends (most days). Now before you go thinking she’s a saint, and Wells and I are just scum of the earth, there’s more to the story.

It’s all Wells’ fault. Everything is. And even when it’s not. It still is. Life works pretty well this way.

So back to the whole story. Wells married identical twins and I happen to be the one he didn’t marry. We were all doing pretty good for the first few years of marriage. Wells and Daphne lived in a different state. Even though I missed them lots (well Daphne really), I moved on. My twin had been stolen from me (and willingly at that). I had come to terms with the fact that there was nothing I could do about it. My life was over and I was finally accepting it.

But then…a glimmer of hope. They moved back home. Into the room next door. Literally. And then Daphne started working with me at Angel Oak Creative.

And life was good again. I had my twin back. We spent all day everyday together. Sure there was a “third party” this time that came along with her, but we’d be fine. Right? Twins can get through anything as long as they’re together. That’s what I thought.

Then Wells and Daph had a baby. And then they got a puppy.

And let me tell you what. Put three sleep-deprived adults in close quarters, with no order or calm or peace, and people start getting grumpy. Gone were the “thankful days” at home to be together again.

Wells and I started fighting like brother and sister over stupid stuff. And things began to change. Wells was jealous.  

You try living with a professional athlete. Sooner or later, everything becomes a competition. I can’t help that Daphne loves me more (we were in the womb together). I can’t help that she loves her job and works all the time because she’s that dedicated. And I can’t help that she likes sleeping with me more because I’m a better cuddler. I haven’t for one day tried to compete with Wells because I know I’ll win. So I’ve just let it happen naturally. But the “man of the house” ain’t taking it anymore. And neither am I for that matter.

It’s time for this season to end and a new one to begin. In separate homes.

I know that means I’ll lose my sister again. But maybe I’ll get my brother-in-law back. Even though that 80’s sitcom “Full House” made life with live-in brother-in-law Jesse seem pretty sweet, it’s a bunch of bologna. Hollywood has a way of doing that. Even though Wells is almost as hot as Jesse (almost), it takes more than looks to keep a family together. If he didn’t have some deeper qualities, one of us would have jumped ship a long time ago. But we’ve made it this long and I’m thankful.

Here’s how Wells has shown me Jesus these past two years.

  1. Spiritual leadership is important.
    Wells starts everyday shouting out the Lord’s prayer and he never leaves the house without praying with his wife and child. If there’s a question about truth, Wells turns to the bible. If there’s a question about next steps, Wells turns to the bible. Wells is a man after the Lord’s heart and even if that were the only trait he had going for him, I’m pretty sure the Lord would say “well done good and faithful servant.”
  1. Earthly dads can give us a glimpse of our heavenly one.
    Wells is an amazing daddy. He loves his boy. He plays with his boy. He’s patient with his boy. When Declan walks into a room, Wells’ face lights up with delight. I picture the Lord’s face lighting up like that when He calls me home and I can’t wait for heaven!
  1. Love your neighbor as yourself.
    Wells loves people. A lot. Rarely is there a day when he’s not helping someone, encouraging someone, visiting people in the hospital, passing out PB&J’s to the homeless or inviting people to stay over with us—even though the inn is full and sometimes days turn into weeks turn into four months (that one’s not a joke). The Lord reminds us not to forget to show hospitality to strangers because we may entertain angels without knowing it (Hebrews 13:2). Wells is rock solid at living this out.

Wellser – I love you buddy. Even though you drive me crazy most days (and not the good kind of crazy), I know you’re in my life because the Lord put you here. You’ve taught me so much about who I want to be, who I don’t and all the good stuff in between. You’ve definitely helped refine my fruits of the spirit (patience especially).

And if moving out means I can have my brother-in-law back, than get gone. I miss you. And I’m kinda ready to have my life back.

Author’s note: oh and that part about Daphne being a saint. She really is. She plays the middle man all the time when Wells and I are picking at each other. She hears it from both sides and I know that’s a hard position to be in…but she handles it with grace and shows both Wells and me unconditional love. Thanks bestie!

Bloopers (favorite Wells expressions and habits):

  1. He takes care of all the “outdoor construction.” When you figure out what this means, please let me know.
  2.  He makes a bunch of lists and then loses them all.
  3. He flosses obsessively and then leaves the floss on every surface in the house.
  4. I have never met someone who loves cereal so much.
  5. He is the “handy man” king of uncompleted projects.