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Do you watch the news? I don’t. Too negative. Yeah, maybe I should to be more informed about current events and what’s going on. But it’s so negative.

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to be negative? It’s easy to complain. Whine. Find something to bicker about. It seems like it’s our natural tendency. It’s our default mode. Often times, our first thoughts in the morning are worries, stresses or doubts. Not, “thank you God for waking me up today.”

“Any fool can criticize, complain and condemn – and most fools do. But it takes character and self-control to be understanding and forgiving.”
(Dale Carnegie)


We speak things into life. Whatever we verbalize, we give power to. Instead of negativity, we must condition ourselves to speak words of hope and love. Instead of complaints, we must speak words of gratitude and praise. Instead of spreading fear, we must find ways to spread faith!

It’s easy to find problems. But, we must look for the good. And most of the time, what we look for, we’ll find. What we focus on, we become.


It’s not just about pointing out problems. Or even just looking for the good. It’s more than that. It’s committing to take action. It’s committing to be part of the solution. It’s more than just going to Church. More than just saying you’re a Christian. It’s about being His hands and His feet. Helping when we see a need. Giving instead of receiving. Lifting others up along the way.


Why is it so easy to find excuses? We can find a million reasons not to engage. Why aren’t we as creative when it comes to finding solutions? The energy we spend on criticism is being stolen from creativity. We must quit complaining about what’s wrong, and do something that makes a difference!

Will you get discouraged? Absolutely. It’s a battle. It’s a fight. A grind. And a daily one. Because I smile so much, a lot of people think I’m just a happy man. They’re wrong! Just like you, I have to work real hard at it.


The way I see it, we only have two options:

  • Give in to our natural inclinations. Join the never ending pity party. Resort to blaming and pointing fingers. Tweet horrible things. Regurgitate the pessimism spewed from the media. Take the easy way out.


  • We accept the challenge. We fight the good fight! We pick up our proverbial sword. Our pen. We lift our voice. Our spirit. And we do the hard thing! We fight for, focus on, and spread faith, hope and love!


Too idealistic for you? Don’t ever forget, with God, anything’s possible. And God’s in the business of using ordinary people to do extraordinary work. One person. Empowered by God’s spirit can change the world! You, my friend, can change the world! The choice is yours. What will you choose?

Be known more for what you’re for, rather than what you’re against.

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