Mission: To impact kids’ lives in a godly manner through high-level, private soccer coaching and mentoring.

DON’T let the name fool you! This ain’t about Wells Thompson. I’m just the front, the vessel, the conduit to help point others to Jesus Christ. My prayer has always been that I would decrease, so that Jesus would increase. This ain’t about me, it’s ALL about Him!

The Cross is at the center of everything we do! It is at the center of our logo and at the center of our mission. Wells Thompson Soccer is ready to take the Triangle by storm! Our services are designed to help make you the best player and the best person you can possibly be. Character improvement off the field results in tactical improvement on the field!

So, who is Wells Thompson? That’s a great question. Basically, I’m no different than you. We’re just alike cause we were both created by God to live for and love Him with all that we are!

If you want more specifics…I’m just a North Carolinian goofball living for the glory of Jesus! I married the love of my life, Daphne, three and a half years ago. We’ve known each other since pre-k (no joke) and were high school sweethearts. (So don’t ever let anyone tell you fairy tales don’t come true.) We have three small boys and we’re overwhelmed and overjoyed by the indescribable blessing they are in our lives!

I’m a former professional soccer player by trade and a Jesus lover to the core. I got into quite a bit of trouble as a kid (so I’ve been around the block a time or two). It’s become my goal in life to use my life experiences and my soccer platform to inspire, encourage and motivate others. Ultimately, I strive to use my platform to point others to Jesus, my ultimate joy in life!